2007 News Archive

21st December 2007

We're taking a short break from recording for the Christmas and New Year holidays then we'll be back in the studio finishing off the new album!

All is going really well and we are also in the process of setting up the World Tour for 2008!

We want to wish you all a very metal Christmas and a rocking New Year!!

21st December, 2007

The Judas Priest Machine will be rolling out on the road again next year - the tour starts in June 2008 - dates to be announced shortly!!!!

(please note that only when dates are announced here on the website are they actually official and confirmed!!)

24th August 2007

were honoured by Kerrang! last night who presented them with their top award - the HALL OF FAME!! The whole band attended the Awards ceremony and received a standing ovation when they went up to collect the award!! We'd like to thank everyone at Kerrang! for this and for making it a great night!!

Photographer: Paul Harries

23rd July 2007

There are many unofficial books about Judas Priest coming onto the market - some already out there - people making out that theirs is the 'Official' book on the Band etc - Please note that none of these books have been approved by the Band - the Band have not been involved in them at all so they are not official!! We will be doing an official book sometime in the not too distant future and when we do we will announce it so until then just know that these others are not the real thing!!

20th July 2007

All is going really well with the new album - Glenn & K.K. are working on their guitar parts - all of the guys are going to take a short summer break then will re-group to get back to working on the album!

12th July 2007

We are pleased to announce the launch of the only OFFICIAL Judas Priest MySpace website!


28th March 2007

Scott has just finished his first stint in the studio which went incredibly well!! He's flown back to the US now.

Rob has just arrived over here and will be putting some vocals down - we're all really excited about how great this record is shaping up!!

More updates later!

20th March 2007

There has been some confusion from various fans regarding the Knucklebonz figurine of Rob Halford that has recently gone on sale through their website - the figurine will include Rob Halford's hat!!
The company and I were in discussions originally whilst going over the details on whether to include it or not - it will be included!!

Jayne Andrews

22nd February 2007

The Band are well under way in the studio - everything is coming together and sounding really fantastic!! Glenn & K.K. have been working very hard to put this album together - Scott is over next week and he and Ian will be laying down their parts - Rob will be back in the studio very soon to put his vocals down - so it's all going according to plan! As we always say - be patient - it will be worth waiting for!!

Jayne Andrews

19th February 2007

We would like to make it clear to everyone that a book which is due out soon entitled 'Defenders Of The Faith - The True Story Of Judas Priest' by Neil Daniels is not an official book and is not approved by the Band - we had absolutely no involvement with this book at all and therefore it is most definitely not the true story of Judas Priest!!

Jayne Andrews

13th January 2007

The 27th of December The Jugulator moved in to it's own domain, www.jugulator.net from the subdomain it was on. The Reason for this was that it had grown to big for the subdomain that it was on and it was a natural step to get it to it's own domain. I hope that you like the MAJOR update that has come here today. It's alot of guitar tabs and bass tabs that I hope you like. Remember that the tabs are only for educational use!

Keep Defending The Metal Faith in 2007!

Danny at The Jugulator


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