Electric Eye DVD

Release Date:
UK and most of Europe: 24th November, 2003
Some smaller European territories: 1st December, 2003
United States: 9th December, 2003
Canada: 16th December, 2003
Chile: 24th November, 2003
(waiting for dates for rest of Latin America)
Australia & New Zealand: 19th January, 2004
Japan: 24th March, 2004

First Priest product to be released since the reunion with Rob Halford was announced

* Features all the key promo videos, the 1986 Dallas concert and 6 rare BBC performances, plus a booklet with a band message and photos taken from the videos.

*Most of this material has not even been available on VHS for many years - now back on DVD by huge public demand

Release Date: Mid November 2003 (UK, Europe & Australia)
9th December, 2003 (USA & Canada)

Promo Videos:

Living After Midnight
Breaking The Law
Don't Go
Heading Out To The Highway
Hot Rockin'
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Freewheel Burning
Love Bites
Locked In
Turbo Lover
Johnny B Goode
A Touch of Evil

PRIEST......LIVE! Filmed in Dallas, Texas during the 1986 'Fuel For Life' Tour:

Out In The Cold
Locked In
Heading Out To The Highway
Breaking The Law
Love Bites
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Private Property
Desert Plains
Rock You All Around The World
Hellion/Electric Eye
Turbo Lover
Freewheel Burning
Green Manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)
Parental Guidance
Living After Midnight
Another Thing Comin'
Hell Bent For Leather
Metal Gods

BBC Television Performances:

Rocka Rolla Old Grey Whistle Test 25/4/75
Dreamer Deciever/Deceiver Old Grey Whistle Test 25/4/75
Take On The World Top Of The Pops 25/01/79
Evening Star Top Of The Pops 17/5/79
Living After Midnight Top Of The Pops 27/3/80
United Top Of the Pops 28/8/80